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Mag Sight Testimonials

We received a nice email from Bradley Gohlke the other day in which he says...

Dear MagSight;

     Whether I am shooting tournaments or hunting, I rely on the precision craftsmanship of my MagSight to make accurate shots.

Bradley Gohlke



  I'll send you some better pictures that show the sight when I get them back.  Shoot it in Ontario  … had to track it 5 feet and it died in 20 seconds.  Perfectly placed shoot with the help of my lighted pin Magsight.


Daniel W Davies




I wanted to send you a photo.
   MagSight Products produces the one sight system I have found that can stand up to the torture of my 33" draw and remain rattle free.  My MagSight Pro-3D is the only sight I have ever been able to use on one of my 320+ fps bows without worrying about something coming loose.  The easy and reliable movement, along with the peace of mind that something has not come loose between every shot, makes me a more confident shooter.


Hi Magsight people,

            Thought you'd like to see the results of my Wisconsin bow hunt for bears. You might remember that when the sight came to our house, I asked Mike to put the sight on "my" bow.  So of course he had to call you and order another one for his bow.  Anyway, I'm glad that I was aggressive in getting your sight put on my bow, because it worked out just great when I killed a 315 lb. Great American Black Bear in northern Wisconsin.

            I had to take a bit more time since I had the #2 power lens in and, then, everything you see is black when you're aiming at a black bear.  Once I found the spot, he was dead in 20 seconds. I really like the fact that I can press that small metal shaft to turn on the sight pin light.

            On my old site, I used to have to turn a screw-type pin, which was hard to do when your fingers were freezing, plus, it was easy to forget which way to turn it as a deer was walking in and there wasn't much time to mess with it.  This is easy and there's only one way for it to go. Even without the light, the pin is easily seen and it is strong enough to hold up under brushy condition when walking to and from stands, stalking, etc. I also hunted in Ontario, choosing to let some small bears walk, but I still put the scope through its paces as I walked in thick brush, loaded and unloaded it in a soft case, fell down as I tripped over branches while holding my bow, etc. It's still in great shape.  Am looking forward to hunting for whitetail in Ontario at the end of the month and also will be hunting for turkey today since it's the opening of our fall turkey season.

            Of course, I have to clean the house first.  Hmm, how does that come under "hunting".  Anyway, Mike and I both have found your sights to be of top quality and we wish you great success as you begin your next season of promoting your MagSights.

Best Wishes,

Cathy B.   


Mag Sight Products LLC  P.O Box 1530, 56 Trujillo Lane, Sandia Park, NM 87047
1-505-281-9620  Email: info@magsightproducts.com