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Mag Sight Products Title



      Superior, water clear ophthalmic grade lens.
      2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 x, patented Ar coating.
      Custom size lenses available.
      One time, one year replacement guarantee.
      Suggested Retail for a Mag Sight Lens, $29.95

Lens Cleaner

       High quality micro fiber cloth.
       Lifts off dirt and absorbs oil.

       Lens Cleaning package
       Lens cleaner, Ar formula effectively cleans all types of lenses without streaking.

Mag Sight Light Module
       Mag Site UV Light Module

          Suggested Retail, $19.95

Mag SIght Sun Shade
      Sun Shade

Fiber Optic Pins
     Fiber Optic pins.

     Innovative LED light design module.

     Sun Shade.

Mag Sight Stabilizer
     Mag Sight Products is pleased to introduce the "O.A.K.Stabilizer" (Old Arrow Kit Stabilizer). We provide the kit at a suggested retail price of $29.95 and you supply the arrows. Two kits are available. The one kit is made for 2117-2213 Aluminum arrows and the second kit is made for 0.295" Dia. Carbon arrows. Please specify the size at your dealer. Now you can make the perfect stabilizer at the length you desire and get the durability and quality typical of Mag Sight Products.

Quiver Mount
    New Quiver Mount

   The Extender, Up - Down Bar

Mag Sight Products LLC  P.O Box 1530, 56 Trujillo Lane, Sandia Park, NM 87047
1-505-281-9620  Email: info@magsightproducts.com